At 150 pages and packed with approximately 600 photos. POLICE BADGES AND SHIELDS OF THE USAF showcases approximately 250 variations and versions of historic USAF police badges.  This amazing reference offers veterans, historians and collectors of police badges an amazing museum-like presentation of rare and obscure badges worn by America's Air Force cops and supporting forces.  From World War II through today's Security Forces Defender, an amazing variety of badge designs have adorned Air Force police uniforms.  This book goes beyond just the active duty forces and includes Department of Defense and Civilian Guard badges worn by civilians who assisted and supported USAF cops around the world.  Limited to 500 copies, POLICE BADGES AND SHIELDS OF THE USAF features the finest presentation of USAF related police badges and shields.  The contents come directly from the private collections of America's most respected and knowledgeable USAF police badge historians and collectors. In addition, the United States Air Force Security Forces Museum kindly made their historic shield collection available.   Click BUY A BOOK to reserve your copy!

Enjoy these sample pages of scans directly from the layout for the book!!!

Police Badges and Shields of the USAF includes seven chapters covering:

WWII - Pre Air Police - Air Police - DoD/Civilian Police/Guards - Security Police -ANG/Guard - Security Forces