About Chris A. 

I'm Chris Armold, aka Chris A.   I'm an American writer, photographer and historian with four books under my belt and decades of photography and writing experience.   In 1979 I joined the United States Air Force and spent 20 years serving my country, most of it as a Security Policeman.  I shot my first rock n' roll photos as a fan from the cheap seats in London, photographing Queen, Ted Nugent and AC/DC over a period of a few months. The photos were lousy but I got a taste of what shooting concerts was like.   While I wouldn't do it again for decades, it was something I never forgot.   My first photographic gigs were in the USAF as a public affairs representative for the various units I was assigned to.   While photos were not required, I thought images were important to telling whatever story I was writing about so a Canon AE-1.  In 1991 my first professional photography job was covering the NFL for a national publication,  "The Packer Report".  While stationed in Michigan, on Sundays I worked the side lines of Lambeau Field and did locker room interviews with players including Reggie White and Brett Favre. In 1997 my first book, "Steel Pots, the history of America's Steel Combat Helmets" was published. in addition to the writing, I was responsible for most of the photography.  To this day "Steel Pots"  is the recognized "bible" for historians and curators on the topic of US combat helmets of the 20th century.  It's relied upon as a primary information resource for many museums including  The Smithsonian, The Imperial War Museum, US Army Quartermaster and the New York Metropolitain Museum of Art.   Two years later, in 1999, I retired from the USAF and opened a very sucessful insurance business.  I continued doing photogarphy and writing and in 2001, "Painted Steel" a compantion volume to "Steel Pots" was published.   Two years later, a "Steel Pots DVD" was produced.  In 2004 I started writing for a small music publication based in Ohio called "Guitar Digest".     While not a slick, glossy publication, "Guitar Digest" is produced by guitar players for guitar players.  Filled with credible stories, features and guitar playing lessons, it delivers quality information.    In any case, I shot few photos at a gig and the publication asked me to continue taking shots.   I've been shooting concerts every since.  A few years later I picked up a web outlet, www.hardrockhaven.net a wonderful on-line rock and heavy metal music news and information site. They do a great job presenting my content and promoting heavy music.    Over the past ten years I've photographed hundreds and hundreds of bands, locals and nationals, blues, rock, classic rock and metal.  I've photographed large festivals like "Rock On The Range" and interesting music cruises like "70,000 Tons of Metal".  My photos have appeared in a few glossy national magazines including "Professional Photographer" and "Revolver".  In 2007 I wrote the book, "A Vulgar Display of Power: Courage and Carnage at the Alrosa Villa," a non-fiction book about the murders of four men by a paranoid schizophrenic during a concert.  While it never got any serious traction, it's well respected by those who read it and credible enough that I appeared on VH1's "Behind The Music, Pantera Remastered" episode.  However, this books, all about Badges and Shields of the USAF in addition to my fourth book  Sky-Cops and Peacekeepers were books I've wanted to write for many years.  They are interesting and fascinating looks at the history of the USAF Air Police and Security Police through the badges, shields, uniforms, equipment and amazing photos. I'm also pleased so say that I've done absolutely everything on on both of these books.  From writing to photography, layout and design, I don't have a publisher so I'm going it alone.  I had to learn a lot and frankly I'm very pleased at the results.   I hope you pick up a copy.  Drop me an e-mail at chris@chrisaphotography.com if you have a question for me or want to say hello!

-Police Badges is Chris' fifth book

-Retired USAF Master Sergeant

-Dual Master of Arts Degree

-Bachelors in Criminal Justice

-Professional Photographer

-Historian and Collector of US


-Strong Advocate for the  Preservation of AP/SP/SF History

-Media/Social Media Savvy

-Available for media and  presentations for organizations.

-A Follow-up to Sky-Cops and Peacekeepers