The SkyCops and Peacekeepers History Archive

Welcome to the archive!  Everything on this page is free to download and share with your friends or other folks interested in USAF Air Police, Security Police and Security Forces History.   This is a work in progress as I scan documents, convert them to PDF and post them.  
In addition you can read and download copies of the "Sky-Cop Gazette" a free PDF magazine like publication that will feature stories, articles, photos and information about USAF AP/SP/SF history and interesting related topics.   The "Gaz" is focused on history and sharing stories.   I'm the entire staff and I'm a cheap freaking boss so I work for free.  Anyone can submit stories, photos, or features. Every single person who served as a USAF cop could write a book.  We all have great stories and amazing experiences.  I want vets of all eras to share their experiences and help others understand our history.  In addition to stories I want to advocate for anyone who is bringing our folks together!  If you're doing a reunions or event let me know and I'll help spread the word. Pretty much if its USAF Cop related and you want to tell others about what you're doing, just reach out.  Do you have an AP/SP/SF related product to sell?  Did you write a great book or do you make some amazing product that's history or career field related?   You can send your stories, photos and experiences for publication in the next issue at  Just title your message "Sky-Cop Gazette". 

Sky-Cop Gazette:  March 2019 Issue 1


-Christmas in Vietnam

-Leadership Lesson

-Book Review: Warnings Unheeded

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The History of the USAF Security Forces 1947 - 2006

The outstanding history compiled by Colonel's Bullock and Conrad. Required reading for every Sky-Cop. 

Airbase Defense in the Republic of Vietnam.

The definitive review of USAF efforts to protect USAF installations in Vietnam.  A very good read.  

The USAF Basic Air Police Manual

May, 1953

The original USAF regulation 125-3, Basic Air Police Manual.  

The USAF Sentry Dog Manual

May, 1956

The original USAF regulation 125-6, USAF Sentry Dog Manual.  

TNT - EST Manual

Approximately 1978

A neat manual for members of a TNT/EST Unit.